Pre-Fall Layers


Even though it’s still in the 80’s here in North Carolina, I’ve already broken out some of my favorite fall pieces (no shame 😉 ). Since it doesn’t get properly cold here until late October/early November, lightweight layers are the way to go since the mornings and evenings are a bit chilly. Kimonos add the perfect amount of interest to a simple outfit while acting as an easy layering piece for the cooler parts of the day. I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of a kimono since it can take an outfit to another level just by throwing it over your shoulders. A chiffon kimono with floral or lace accents is the perfect outfit topper for the evening while a more textured fabric kimono creates depth and a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to whatever you’re wearing.


My tiered knit dress is from fab’rik Raleigh and I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. It’s been such an easy throw-on piece for the summer and I love that it has a bit of a bohemian flare to it with the gathered tiers (plus it has pockets, major added bonus!). My purple and tan printed kimono is from one of my favorite places-TJ Maxx. I always end up getting into trouble whenever I stop in, and in this case I walked out with two kimonos for my fall wardrobe. I spotted this one on a coworker and within a week I had added it to my wardrobe too! I love how simple the print is and that it’s a mid-duster length which is perfect for putting over both dresses and jeans.

My brown huarache booties are by Jeffrey Campbell but are sadly not produced anymore. I had a SUPER lucky day at a local consignment shop and snagged these for $35 (originally around $200) and they were brand spankin’ new! They’re surprisingly comfortable and have quite an edgy-boho vibe to them. Under my dress is my go-to Aerie bobo lace plunge bralette and I have the sweetest little necklace on by Harper Made jewelry. We began carrying some of her pieces at fab’rik and I can honestly say that I am obsessed. At this point I own four necklaces and two pairs of earrings, but I’m sure I’ll be picking up more! Her jewelry is dainty with a bohemian touch, is gold plated and are all one of a kind. Be sure to check out her Instagram and her Etsy shop, you’re going to fall in love!

What are some of your favorite fall transitional pieces?

xx, Rachel


Free People – Voile Trapeze Slip Women’s Sleeveless • Free People • $60.99–88

Free People – Asymmetrical Hem Slip Women’s Dress • Free People • $88

Anthropologie Aster Floral Kimono • Anthropologie • $69.95

Anthropologie Briley Velvet Floral Kimono • Anthropologie • $108

Aerie Boho Lace Halter Bralette • aerie • $15

As Is Sole Society Suede Cross-Strap Ankle Boots – Azure • Sole Society • $36.95


My Fall 2017 Nail Polish Picks



Top to bottom: Lady Like by essie, Less is Norse by O.P.I, Krona-logical Order by O.P.I, & Bordeaux by essie

Since I have been so eager for the fall weather to hit I have already begun incorporating fall beauty trends and colors into my routine. I’ve always been more of a dark nail polish gal, and with some of the new seasonal releases I’ve been even more gung-ho about rocking the deeper tones. Here, I’ll walk you through some of my favorite fall nail colors, old and new, and coming from a nail polish fanatic like me you know they’ll be awesome.  😉

Starting from the top is one of my favorite year-round neutrals, Lady Like by essie. This has so many undertones in it from pink to taupe to brown. It seems to look different on everyone but this will always be my go-to for when I don’t know what color I’m in the mood for. Next are Less is Norse & Krona-logical Order by O.P.I. I seriously haven’t been this impressed by a seasonal collection from O.P.I in ages! Every color in the Icelandic collection is so unique to colors they have and have had in the past. After seeing both of these colors on my manager at work I knew I had to add them to my collection. Less is Norse is a gray-toned blue with a touch of navy and Krona-logical Order is a brown-purple-gray hybrid that looks even more amazing on your nails than the bottle would let on. I’m definitely going to have to make a trip to Ulta very soon to snag a few more colors from the collection while I can!


Top to bottom: Bordeaux by essie, Without a Stitch by essie, and Leggy Legend by essie

Bordeaux by essie has been a long-time favorite of mine and is another go-to fall and winter color. It’s the perfect dark burgundy color that is so classic you could probably get away with wearing it all year long. I picked up a Stitch by essie because I was in need of a super light neutral color for my college graduation. I had no idea I would love this color as much as I do but this is a gray based white color that is perfect to pop on for the summer to fall transition period. Lastly, Leggy Legend is a color I got a couple years ago in an attempt to get out of my creamy formula rut. I rarely wear glitters and shimmers because they’re such a pain to take off, but this amazing color makes it worth it! It has flecks of gold, red, brown, and orange running through it and is an amazing statement color for fall.

As soon as I was editing this post I realized I left out another one of my favorites for fall-In Stitches by essie. Although it’s not photographed above this polish is a muted terracotta that screams “pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters.” Hopefully you can imagine just how beautiful the color is by my award winning description. 😉

What are some of your favorite fall nail colors-I’m always looking to expand my collection!

xx, Rachel