My Fall 2017 Nail Polish Picks


Top to bottom: Lady Like by essie, Less is Norse by O.P.I, Krona-logical Order by O.P.I, & Bordeaux by essie

Since I have been so eager for the fall weather to hit I have already begun incorporating fall beauty trends and colors into my routine. I’ve always been more of a dark nail polish gal, and with some of the new seasonal releases I’ve been even more gung-ho about rocking the deeper tones. Here, I’ll walk you through some of my favorite fall nail colors, old and new, and coming from a nail polish fanatic like me you know they’ll be awesome.  😉

Starting from the top is one of my favorite year-round neutrals, Lady Like by essie. This has so many undertones in it from pink to taupe to brown. It seems to look different on everyone but this will always be my go-to for when I don’t know what color I’m in the mood for. Next are Less is Norse & Krona-logical Order by O.P.I. I seriously haven’t been this impressed by a seasonal collection from O.P.I in ages! Every color in the Icelandic collection is so unique to colors they have and have had in the past. After seeing both of these colors on my manager at work I knew I had to add them to my collection. Less is Norse is a gray-toned blue with a touch of navy and Krona-logical Order is a brown-purple-gray hybrid that looks even more amazing on your nails than the bottle would let on. I’m definitely going to have to make a trip to Ulta very soon to snag a few more colors from the collection while I can!

Top to bottom: Bordeaux by essie, Without a Stitch by essie, and Leggy Legend by essie

Bordeaux by essie has been a long-time favorite of mine and is another go-to fall and winter color. It’s the perfect dark burgundy color that is so classic you could probably get away with wearing it all year long. I picked up a Stitch by essie because I was in need of a super light neutral color for my college graduation. I had no idea I would love this color as much as I do but this is a gray based white color that is perfect to pop on for the summer to fall transition period. Lastly, Leggy Legend is a color I got a couple years ago in an attempt to get out of my creamy formula rut. I rarely wear glitters and shimmers because they’re such a pain to take off, but this amazing color makes it worth it! It has flecks of gold, red, brown, and orange running through it and is an amazing statement color for fall.

As soon as I was editing this post I realized I left out another one of my favorites for fall-In Stitches by essie. Although it’s not photographed above this polish is a muted terracotta that screams “pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters.” Hopefully you can imagine just how beautiful the color is by my award winning description. 😉

What are some of your favorite fall nail colors-I’m always looking to expand my collection!

xx, Rachel

Let’s Talk Warm-Toned Makeup


I’ve been a lover of warm-toned makeup for as long as I can remember, but with the massive trend of red and orange-toned eye makeup on the rise I have been able to feed my obsession even more. Ever since I saw one of my favorite bloggers (check her out, she’s seriously fab) rocking a bright red eyeshadow look this past January, I knew I had to give this bold look a try. My first warm-toned individual shadow purchases were Woodwinked and Follie by Mac during my freshman year of college. For months my everyday eye look consisted of priming my eye with Benefit’s cream eyeshadow in My Two Cents, sweeping Woodwinked all over the lid and blending it into the crease, and using Follie as a faux eyeliner creating my everyday winged liner look. The contrast of the copper/gold tones with the deep purple/brown of the faux liner made my eyes pop like never before and I was hooked.

One morning while getting ready for class I was watching my YouTube queue and clicked on one of Megan’s videos where she was rocking a bright red eyeshadow with a fierce winged liner. I immediately commented and asked what eyeshadow(s) she was wearing, and within 20 minutes she replied (I was a bit starstruck, not gonna lie). I added Coppering by Mac to my makeup wishlist and because I was so eager to get my hands on it, I was at the Mac counter within the week. For months after my everyday look consisted of sweeping Coppering across my eyelid and into the crease for a bold red shadow look under my black liquid eyeliner.

Top to Bottom: Woodwinked single eyeshadow, Mac lipstick in Twig, Benefit Sun Beam liquid highlighter, Benefit cream eyeshadow in My Two Cents.

Then the mother of all warm-toned eyeshadow palettes was born. As soon as I saw the press release for the Urban Decay Heat palette I knew I had to have it ASAP. I watched every review and swatch video and skimmed a dozen tutorials before I even had the palette in my possession. I knew that with how much I had been loving red and orange-toned eyeshadow in the past year that these shadows would easily make their way into my day-to-day makeup looks. Thanks to an amazing friend who shares my love for all things beauty (shout out to you, Kelsey) she told me about a one day only sale Ulta was having on the Heat palette before the official release date. Within five minutes I had placed my order and began stalking the mailman for my delivery.

After using the Heat palette for a little over a month now, it’s safe to say this is my absolute favorite Urban Decay palette ever. There are so many matte shades with incredible pigmentation and the shimmery shades are like no other. My favorite shades for a simple everyday look are Sauced, Low Blow, Cayenne, Dirty Talk, and Lumbre. The biggest tip I can give for making some of the darker and more pigmented shadows appropriate for daytime is to blend, blend, blend. I typically take a flat eyeshadow brush and pack a good amount onto the middle and outer half of my eyelid then blend it out with a clean fluffy brush until the pigment has been blended into my crease and a tad above. Then I take Chaser on another clean fluffy brush and blend around the edges to ensure there are no harsh lines. Usually I pack a little bit of a shimmery shade onto the middle of my lid to catch the light then highlight my inner corners and brow bone with Ounce. I’ve retired the liquid liner for the last few months so that my eyeshadow can be the star of the show, so after I’m done with the palette I just layer on mascara to my upper and lower lashes and sweep the remaining eyeshadow from the flat eyeshadow brush onto my lower lid.

Top to Bottom: Risque blush by Tarte, Follie by Mac, Coppering by Mac, Park Ave Princess bronzer by Tarte.

I like to pair my red/orange-toned eye makeup looks with brown-toned blush and lipstick (I really only wear lip products if I’m feeling sassy). Risqué by Tarte is the best long-lasting brown/pink blush that looks so natural when layered above the Parke Ave Princess bronzer by Tarte. The combo of red/orange eyeshadow with brown-toned face products reminds me of 90’s makeup trends, but in my opinion it helps keep all the attention on the eye look. I finally picked up my first highlighter (I know, I’m super late to the game) and decided that something subtle was more of my cup of tea. Sun Beam by Benefit adds the perfect amount of glow without making my face look like a grease machine.

Warm-toned makeup may be a trend in the beauty and fashion world, but I definitely don’t plan on changing my look any time soon. The Urban Decay Heat palette is truly worth every penny and I think that any skin tone and eye color can rock red and orange based eyeshadow.

What’s your current go-to makeup look and what are your favorite new beauty releases?

xx, Rachel


Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette • Urban Decay • $54

tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer • Tarte • $30

tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush • Tarte • $29

Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow • Benefit Cosmetics • $14

Benefit Sun Beam Golden Bronze Liquid Highlighter – Golden Bronze • Benefit Cosmetics • $26

MAC Lipstick • M·A·C • $17–17.50

MAC Eye Shadow • M·A·C • $16